Summer. And one weird rabbit.

It’s a scorcher this summer. Had a “pleasant” morning pulling weeds for 1.5 hours and the perspiration was literally dripping off me. It’s nice to see increasingly weed-free area, no matter the personal cost. I will cover up the bare ground with compost ASAP because the Oxalis was already shooting seeds. For once I didn’t get one in my eye, so that must be a good omen.


All the Lupinus polyphyllus ‘Tall Russell’ seedlings that I winter sowed and planted out in the former nursery (now “Patio Garden”) have survived. Impressive! I got one bloom on the one plant that survived last year, so that bodes Very Well Indeed for next year’s display. I’ve been madly filling in this big space in a vain attempt to allow no room for the weeds (or rabbits). Next year it should be pretty glorious.

I do feel that I have to mention the rabbit. It doesn’t live at my house, but I find myself calling it “my” rabbit. No! This is the wrong attitude, I know. S/he is not actually welcome here! Despite all my frantic hollering and waving as I dash out in my pajamas and bare feet, s/he’s back every morning eating some new odd thing. Today I saw the Baptisia shuddering oddly and sure enough, there was the Bunny chowing down on the mature stalks. The other day Bunny was eating half dried milkweed leaves from a pile of stalks I’d pulled out. Bunny ignores the tender new parsley and eats the toughest old stalks it can find. It gets in my pots and strips the edamame bare, leaving the peas (what?) and also chomps the Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’.  I hope this is not a trait being passed on to the inevitable lil bunnies about to appear.

One of the veggie garden sections is doing well; I’ve already harvested lots of peas and have started in on the broccoli DiCiccio and Piracicaba. Got the main heads and there will be side shoots galore. The Brussels sprouts are coming on nicely, as are the cabbages, although there have been a lot of inroads by cabbage loopers. I see wasps in there – are they drinking water droplets or are they getting the caterpillars? At any rate, the plants seem to be recovering. I am going out for BT just in case. I will need it at the garden I manage at Congregation Beth Shalom (


Planted one Tuscan Kale, which provides plenty for my husband and me. Carrots coming along well, pulling the first few thinnings of St. Valery and Nantes. Wow. I always forget until the first bite how much better homegrown is.


And why else would I garden except for Tomatoes and Peppers? I grow a LOT. Most of the maters are setting fruit, but the peppers are kind of sitting there. No idea why – that garden area usually is very productive. I will add more compost and some organic fertilizer and hope that helps.



Black Sea Man, Cosmonaut Volkov, Isis Candy Shop, Italian Heirloom, Mama Leone, Mikado, Paul Robeson, Principe Borghese, Pruden’s Purple and Rose Hill Pink.


Alma Paprika, Anaheim Hot, Ausilio Thin Skin Italian, Bridge to Paris, Chiltepin, Chimayo, Doe Hill, Feher Ozon, Gatherer’s Gold, Jalapeño Traveler, Jimmy Nardello’s, Lemon Drop, Mirasol, Petite Marseillais, Pippin’s Golden Honey, Quadrato Asti Giallo, and Shishito. This is NOT TOO MANY!