You’re Getting Warmer..

Really, what is it with the weather this year? Someone wrote in to the weather man wondering if they should put away their snow blower for the year! Nope. We historically get some big snowstorms in March, but with all this pleasant springy weather, it is difficult to believe that could happen! But the plants know. I have a patch of snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) that serve as my climate markers so I know when winter is ending. They are more reliable than Punxatawny Phil, and they are nowhere to be found yet. The earliest they have popped up was last year on February 29th. Usually they arrive in March.


Bloom times of my snowdrop since I’ve kept records at this house:

2006: March 13

2007: no record of bloom

2008: March 22

2009: March 7

2010: March 8

2011: no record, didn’t write in journal until November 1st!

2012: March 6

2013: March 29

2014: April 6!! No kidding, long and brutal winter.

2015: March 28

2016: February 29 (the earliest since I’ve been keeping record!)

2017: ??

I checked the Hellebores out back – those have buds appearing, so there’s something I can do in the garden: trim off the old ratty leaves from last year. There are some Hellebore seedlings popping up around. Later in the season I’ll transplant them nearby and see what sort of blooms they end up creating. I’ve planted H.  ‘Winter Sunshine,’ ‘Peppermint Ice,’and ‘Royal Heritage.’ So it’s anyone’s guess as to the bloom type of resulting crosses, but that’s one fun part of gardening.




Author: claytoniaspeaks

Gardening enthusiastically in the western burbs of Chicagoland. Former owner of Fraser Landscapes. I love to share the joys of vegetable and perennial gardening with children and adults. Facilitating the Garden at Congregation Beth Shalom in Naperville IL.

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