New Beginnings

I’ve sold my design/install/maintenance business, Fraser Landscapes, so I’m beginning over with a new blog. Still love to garden here in the western burbs of Chicagoland, but I’m switching focus. From my earliest memories, plants have always been my thing. That focus hasn’t changed, but how I spend my time has. My volunteer efforts revolve around plants: teaching about them, getting others involved in the joys and tribulations of gardening, growing food for the community, stuff like that.

What I’ll be chronicling here includes my triumphs and foibles in my eclectic garden, timely tips, gardening with kids, and other observations.

Why Claytonia? When I was getting my first degree (B.S. Forest Management, Utah State University), I fell in love with a little wildflower called Claytonia lanceolata, the western version of C. virginica that grows in the eastern part of the US (and here). I was at some kind of forestry meeting and we all wore name tags. I put “Claytonia” on mine and mingled around. Some fellow looked at my name tag, looked at me, and said sarcastically, “Spring Beauty??” Oh well. That’s one disadvantage of knowing your Latin better than your common names.

So, thanks for reading this far, and welcome aboard.


Author: claytoniaspeaks

Gardening enthusiastically in the western burbs of Chicagoland. Former owner of Fraser Landscapes. I love to share the joys of vegetable and perennial gardening with children and adults. Facilitating the Garden at Congregation Beth Shalom in Naperville IL.

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